Look #24

Vestido/Dress: DADAbeiz -  WOMENstuff Hunt Gift #17 - Freeprocure uma blusa vermelha/ look for a red shirt
Sapatos/Shoes: DADAbeiz :: Floral PeepToes - 50% off - L$ 150
SKin: JeSyLiLO - Black Friday Sale - E U P H O R I A - L$ 50
Cabelo/Hair:  Alice Project - Steph II - Streaked Blondes - Freeprocure o ingresso para uum show/look for the ticket to a show
Anéis/Rings: Candy Nail - New
Flor no cabelo/Flower in the hair: Graffitiwear Fall Hair Corsage - Subscribe Gift
Colar/Necklace: Maxi Gossamer